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Rubi just completed a behavior modification board and train with Miss Jee. I reached out to Miss Jee because Rubi was out of control. We couldn’t leave the house if there were other dogs within eyesight because Rubi would get very vocal and would squeal like a dying pig. It was very embarrassing. She started pulling on her leash when we would go on walks and if there were squirrels around, forget it, Rubi would get very excited watching them and would tune me out. Her prey drive was very high. We would have to put her in her crate just to walk out the front door because if she thought she could dash out the door she would, and she was gone. She got a taste of freedom and wouldn’t stop or come when she was called, and once she almost ran in front of a car. Rubi also has bad food guarding and she has nipped and growled at every member of my family while she was eating. The methods that I had tried to stop her food guarding hadn’t work, so I was at a loss. My middle son is afraid of her after she pulled him down and drug him across the front yard because she was trying to go after another dog. Rubi wasn’t socialized with other dogs, so she didn’t know how to act around other dogs.

Now, after her program with Miss Jee; she is a very different dog, with respect for boundaries and a desire structure. Jee worked tirelessly to give us the dog we needed. I can take her on walks without the pulling or dramatics when she sees other dogs. We can go to dog friendly business and she is non-disruptive and ignores other people and dogs – something that was impossible in the past. I love how I can watch my children and dog run freely and with the help of her e-collar training, she will return to me. She now knows place and will hold her place for hours. If the front door is opened, she doesn’t even attempt to go near it without me. Now, thanks to Miss Jee my house is a more peaceful environment 💜

I can’t wait for all the adventures we’re going to be able to have together now that she has rules and structure.

Emmy W.

Miss Jee’s knowledge, commitment, her no nonsense approach along with a good dose of compassion has helped me tremendously overcome obstacles with my dog. She has a way of showing you how to empower yourself to become the best you and your dog can be. And helps you create the bond you want and deserve with your dog. If you are looking for help reach out to Miss Jee, it was the best thing I did for myself and my dog

Laura Scarbrough

I contacted Miss Jee when my two boys (brothers from the same litter) got into a fight. It was terrifying and heart breaking to see. Jee is getting us all into a balance again and showing us how to teach the boys to respect each other’s space. It’s been such an amazing process and we’re having a lot of fun on our journey. Jee is very knowledgeable, flexible, honest, and adaptable to your needs and to needs of your dog(s). I appreciate her on many levels and consider her a blessing in my life because of the amazing progress she brought to our relationship with the dog. If you have a dog, you need Jee!!

Sonya Vagenknechtova

I was in need of a great dog trainer to help with some serious guarding issues. I had been following Ms. Jee on Facebook for several months just observing. I was initially put off by the tools she used to correct poor behavior in dogs but decided to have her come to our home for a consultation. This was the best decision we made. We did a board and train and she came home a different dog. We have learned that some dogs need strong direction and leadership and the tools we have e-collar keeps her from chasing cars, people, not listening when she was endangering herself. If your dog is controlling your house, call her – you won’t be disappointed. We love the helpful tips and reminders we get often as we are now part of a tribe of great dogs!

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Kala Bruss

When we decided to put our faith in Miss Jee, we were at our wits’ end with Lobo. He was 6 months old at the time and had very bad separation anxiety and no leash manners. He would pull and bark to try to get to people and other dogs. He would snatch food from the kids and just caused so much chaos in the house. We decided to do Miss Jee’s basic obedience board and train program. At first, like most, we never really considered pinch collars or e-collars for our dog just because we were taught that they hurt the dog. After seeing the changes and experiencing how it feels to the dog (testing the collars on ourselves) it became a tool to communicate with our dog in a way that doesn’t hurt the dog at all. I can say with no doubts that it was the best decision we have ever made. Lobo is now the best dog we have ever had. He is great on a leash and he ignores people and dogs on walks. The stealing food from the kids has stopped. He has learned to not even take good from our kids when they offer it. We cannot thank Miss Jee enough for making it enjoyable to have a dog again, it’s been life-changing.

Isaac Moore

I don’t think words can do Miss Jee’s Academy justice. Everyone has a ton of respect for her and her results are unbeatable. Life changing even.

Law Ream

Jee is an AMAZING dog trainer. More like a dog whisperer! I called Jee to help with Cookie, our first rescue dog, who had aggressive behavior and leash pulling. Within one home visit, she already had Cookie walking calmly on the leash. After a full day with Jee, Cookie was so much better behaved. When my son got deployed a couple of months ago, his 9-month-old puppy, Mila, came to live with us. Mila was attacking the elder dog in the house (Ella) daily over food and toys. Mila spent three weeks at Jee’s Board & Train Program and came back a MUCH better-behaved pup! Jee brought Mila over a few times during the Board & Train session to work with Mila and Ella together. No more attacks! In fact, Mila will now turn her head away from Ella when she walks by, avoiding a confrontation…when Mila used to instigate the confrontations! We can now enjoy all the dogs in the house, without having to worry about any fights…all thanks to Jee!

Jean Post

Miss Jee is not just a great dog trainer, she’s a great person. From the day she came over to assess my two dogs, she was just on it. It was like she knew them for years. My two dogs completed a board and train and are completely different dogs, and I am a better dog owner. She has helped me be in control, and how to push my dogs to be better. They have manners and are a pleasure to own. If you are looking for someone that loves their job and truly knows how to get your dog to their best, try Miss Jee. She will not disappoint you, and neither with your dog/ dogs. She is a 1000% my life saver.

Jessica Loy

Jee is amazing! She has helped me learn how to be the person my dogs need. She is patient but direct. She will tell you how it is, like how my coddling my puppy because he has anxiety, rather than helping him to cope and push through, was making him worse. It wasn’t easy to hear but I needed to learn, for Diego’s sake. We have learned so much from Jee. Best decision we ever made was working with her!


Erin Harrigan