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Training dogs & teaching humans.

Mindful Adventure Dog Academy is Seattle’s leading dog behavior intervention, modification and aggression rehabilitation service. We provide quality, real-world-scenario dog training and coaching services to responsible dog owners dedicated to giving their dogs their best shot at a great life.

We are a home-based business located in Auburn, WA and service the Greater Seattle area and those who can make the trek to us. Our trainers are also available to come to you no matter where you are in the world.


What we do

Training, Boarding, Daycare

Puppy RAISING & early puppyhood prevention

This program starts your new puppy off with a solid foundation of life skills that will set your pup up for Success as an adult. Dog owners can start living the lives they’ve dreamed of without the growing pains of potty accidents, crate and separation anxiety, poor habits, and unnecessary vet bills. 


This program starts your new life with a solid foundation of respect, manners, obedience, and Adventure! so that you can start living the Adventure Life you’ve always dreamed of. Each training programs can and will be tailored to each family’s training goals.


Behavior Modification/ Aggression Rehab

In the board and train, we address all forms of unwanted behavior to include separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and human/dog aggression. This program also covers all of the basic commands – Stay, Place, Heel, Come/Recall and Off-leash Obedience, as well as Crate Training, Treadmill, Waiting for Food, and Waiting at Thresholds. 

Structured Boarding

Includes  supervised playtime with other dogs, if applicable, and maintenance of any rules and training that your dog already has in place. All dogs sleep in an individual crate, inside our climate-controlled residence, and will participate in daily pack walks.

Service Dog Training

We specialize in Psychiatric Service Dogs and Light Mobility/Balance Dogs. Our Program is 24-36 months long. Puppies are hand selected and specifically raised for each individual client. Personal dogs must pass a temperament evaluation.

You And Your Dog Are family to us.

At Mindful Adventure Dog Academy, you’re not just signing up for training, you undergo an entire lifestyle transformation, leadership training, personal development, and you become part of the family, surrounded by a Tribe (many of whom have been in your shoes) who will help you along your dog training journey. This journey differs with every person, and we’ve found that most owners who struggle to set boundaries with their dogs may be struggling in other aspects of their lives. The best part about this process is watching our clients transform from being hopeless and helpless to brave, confident Badass Dog Owners.

Whether you’ve got a puppy you just want to raise right, to a crazy, out-of-control dog that you think is “untrainable”, or a more serious case of reactivity, fear, or aggression, we’ve got you covered! Don’t wait until something drastic happens, because Prevention is easier than the Cure.

Our Clients Love Us

Jee is amazing! She has helped me learn how to be the person my dogs need. She is patient but direct. She will tell you how it is, like how my coddling my puppy because he has anxiety, rather than helping him to cope and push through, was making him worse. It wasn’t easy to hear but I needed to learn, for Diego’s sake. We have learned so much from Jee. Best decision we ever made was working with her!


Erin Harrigan

Miss Jee is not just a great dog trainer, she’s a great person. From the day she came over to assess my two dogs, she was just on it. It was like she knew them for years. My two dogs completed a board and train and are completely different dogs, and I am a better dog owner. She has helped me be in control, and how to push my dogs to be better. They have manners and are a pleasure to own. If you are looking for someone that loves their job and truly knows how to get your dog to their best, try Miss Jee. She will not disappoint you, and neither with your dog/ dogs. She is a 1000% my life saver.

Jessica Loy

I contacted Miss Jee when my two boys (brothers from the same litter) got into a fight. It was terrifying and heart breaking to see. Jee is getting us all into a balance again and showing us how to teach the boys to respect each other’s space. It’s been such an amazing process and we’re having a lot of fun on our journey. Jee is very knowledgeable, flexible, honest, and adaptable to your needs and to needs of your dog(s). I appreciate her on many levels and consider her a blessing in my life because of the amazing progress she brought to our relationship with the dog. If you have a dog, you need Jee!!

Sonya Vagenknechtova